Arsenal Raises 3 Million

I normally don’t post on crowdfunding projects until they ship and we’ve tried it, but the Bozeman Daily Chronicle profiled Ryan Stout, the creator of Arsenal. That’s a gadget for advancing auto settings on DSLR or mirrorless cameras. (The auto and scene settings are plenty, btw, but hey…fund away!)

In Stout’s eyes, the jump from cellphones (or the dying point-and-shoot models) to full-frame cameras is overwhelming for many users. He hopes that Arsenal can help shorten that learning curve by not only automating different kinds of shots, but also explaining to beginner photographers the function of a few of the camera’s multitude of settings.

In case you missed it, Stout launched a crowdfunding campaign and received more than 15,000 donations totaling nearly $3 million. The money will go toward manufacturing and distribution costs and expanding Stout’s six-person team.

Photo: Louise Johns for the Chronicle