Solar Eclipse Photography Do Over

38 years ago, Tom Seaton’s camera broke, and he missed the eclipse shot.

Never again!

And, he’s been prepping for another attempt ever since.

“I barely saw the one in 1979 because I was fiddling with the camera and on the ground … crying about the broken camera.”

So what happened was, on that fateful day in 1979, another teen knocked his tripod over, breaking the camera, ruining the film. On Monday, Seaton will be in Carbondale, Illinois, right in the middle of “path of totality” and have three cameras, telescopes, tracking devices and a computer taking most of the pictures.

If you think Tom’s story is bad, read this one about a camera obscura not working in 1860.

If you’re planning on shooting the eclipse and adding your pithy commentary to the record, see these useful links: